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596 Mobil Ave, Suite E

Camarillo, CA 93010


Tel: 805-504-1357


Next to Jessica's Cafe!

While Kenpo traces its roots to the Chinese Martial Arts, American Kenpo is practical, realistic, and can readily be applied in today's environment. American Kenpo encompasses logical principles and concepts along with scientific disciplines not employed by other Martial Art Systems.


Camarillo Kenpo Karate is a United Kenpo Systems school. Bryan Hawkins, Director of United Kenpo Systems™, was privileged and honored to learn as one of the protégés taught by Senior Grandmaster Ed Parker. As a long-time private student of Mr. Parker’s, Mr. Hawkins is considered to be one of the foremost authorities of American Kenpo in the world today.


Why study Kenpo?

The reasons to study Kenpo are as numerous as the individuals that do. We find that many people start because of the self-defense aspects, and then continue long term for the valuable other aspects they discover. Among these are:


  • Respect

  • Discipline

  • Confidence

  • Physical Exercise

  • Improved Coordination

  • Athletic Competition

  • Camaraderie

  • A Quieter Mind


Who Studies Kenpo?

Anyone starting at the age of 4 years can study Kenpo. We tailor our Kenpo lessons to fit your own physical capability, so you can develop self-defense skills at your own pace. Every member of your family can benefit from learning Kenpo. It is an activity ideally suited for family participation. Whether you only study the martial arts with us for a few months, or you ultimately go on to earn your black belt, we welcome you to experience our art form with us.


Why study at Camarillo Kenpo?

First and foremost, imagine you approached a piano teacher and asked them how long it would take to become an expert pianist. Then imagine they immediately responded that it would take you two years and would cost three thousand dollars. Would you take them up on their offer? Of course not. That would be a ridiculous statement for any teacher to make. Being an expert in anything takes dedication, time and patience. A true black belt cannot be earned in a short amount of time. It requires dedication, desire and perseverance. If your desire is to earn your black belt in as short a time as possible, then Kenpo is not the martial art for you. But, if your desire is to dedicate yourself towards being an expert in one of the best martial arts in the world, an expert in one of the most effective self-defense systems on the street today, and a role model to those who desire to live in a just and moral society, then you have found your new family and home.


At Camarillo Kenpo we use a written curriculum to run our classes. We know from experience that many other martial arts studios just ‘wing it’ in their classes every day. Certainly most of these teachers are great black belts, but there is a big difference between being a good martial artist and being a good teacher. We use our many years of teaching experience and our written curriculum to teach a structured program; a complete martial arts system. This allows us to keep our students on task and to maximize their progress.


 In addition, we feel that too often these days other martial arts systems, studios and individual practitioners forget that they teach self-defense. They tend to emphasis the sport aspects of their art in lieu of teaching how to effectively defend oneself. Plainly put, it is easier to look like a well trained and effective martial artist then it is to be a well trained and effective martial artist. At Camarillo Kenpo, we are committed to providing a safe and educational environment for everyone and we take great care to prevent any injury to our students and instructors. At the same time, we are also committed to being a ‘light contact’ studio. We strongly believe that in a crisis situation you do not rise to the occasion. Instead, you sink to your level of training. As such, if you train in a ‘no contact’ studio, then if ever faced with a real self-defense situation it is unrealistic to believe that you will be able to defend yourself effectively. In essence, we believe that on the street facing an attacker is the last place you want to learn what it is like to make physical contact with another human being.


But most importantly, at Camarillo Kenpo we believe that if you approach the world and those you meet from a place of confidence and peace, and not from a place of fear, you have the greatest chance of never having to resort to a physical altercation. With this in mind, we teach a complete martial arts training program, which touches every aspect of our student’s lives.


Ultimately, we strive to train our students to be well rounded martial artists, who will live the lives of true Black Belts in mind, body and spirit.

What is American Kenpo?