Tigers (Ages 6-9)

In the Tigers program our Kenpo kids begin their training in the martial arts. We reinforce their learning using the traditional martial arts belt system. As they show progress in their current rank, they are rewarded with a small colored stripe that is added to their current belt. Once they earn four stripes they are eligible to test for their next belt level.

Juniors (Ages 10-15)

At the Junior level we treat our Kenpo kids as young adults. We understand, however, that they are not adults and we pare the Kenpo system to its core to better match it to their capabilities and developmental level. As our Juniors advance to the adult level, they will then learn the additional material required of them.

Cubs (Ages 4 and 5)

The Cubs program is a pre-karate designed to foster development both physically and mentally. We teach fundamentals such as: participating in a group setting, paying attention and respect plus basic blocks, kicks, falls, and rolls. The Cubs program is designed to introduce these skills at a pace that matches the student’s limited skill and attention span. As progress is made, the student achieves a reward in the form of stripe on their belt designating rank. The course is designed to provide this encouragement as often as every few weeks.


Adults (Ages 16 and up)

Our Adult program is a complete Kenpo training program. Camarillo Kenpo Karate is a United Kenpo Systems school. Bryan Hawkins, Director of United Kenpo Systems™, was privileged and honored to learn as one of the protégés taught by Senior Grandmaster Ed Parker. As a long-time private student of Mr. Parker’s, Mr. Hawkins is considered to be one of the foremost authorities of American Kenpo in the world today.

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